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Virginia Masonic University

Under the aegis of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons, the VMU works with the Grand Lodge’s Committee on Masonic Education in order to develop standardized training and to elevate the scholastic foundations of every Virginia Mason in their pursuit of more knowledge in Freemasonry.

Virginia Masonic University’s Virtual Campus

Virginia Masonic University

Welcome to the Virginia Masonic University's Virtual Campus. From here, simply move your cursor over a building or field to identify what site has been selected. If you choose to select that campus building, then you will be taken to that site's webpage. Thank you and enjoy your stay.

Virginia Masonic University
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Virginia Masonic University

The Virginia Masonic University is a higher learning system of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, for the purpose standardizing Masonic education throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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VMU Faculty

The Virginia Masonic University's faculty are listed as two groups: Administrators and Instructors. 

Administrators are Masons who are members of the Grand Lodge of Virginia's Committee on Masonic Education and have been appointed to maintain and upkeep this virtual Masonic institution.   

Instructors are District Education Officers and other knowledgeable Masons who have been trained & certified to offer coursework to local Masonic sites throughout Virginia.  

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Calendar & Events

Listed here are the times, dates and locations of physical training courses and other educational events that is occurring throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and other locations.  Please review those events that are scheduled and confirmed here so that you can promptly register for the course which best serves your needs.

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VMU Student Portal

Welcome to the VMU Student Portal, where you can find your Masonic transcripts and certifications of all coursework and other achievements which you have obtained in your academic pursuit of Masonic education.   

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Grand Lodge Education Page

Increase your knowledge of Masonic history, philosophy and symbolism, and enhance your leadership abilities:

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Grand Lodge of Virginia, AF&AM

Welcome to the website of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons.  Please select the link below to enter this site:

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District Education Officer Resources

The Virginia Masonic University relies greatly on knowledgeable Masons who can provide VMU coursework to the local lodges throughout Virginia.  The primary candidate for VMU Professors are the Grand Lodge-appointed District Education Officers, who are rendered many academic resources that they utilize to fulfill their duties: 

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Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Course

Course 1: Wardens

Course 2: Masters

Course 3: District Deputies

Course 4: For 

Course 5: For

Click Here:  Correspondence Course

General Studies Courses

General Studies:

New Masons Course

  1. EA Course
  2. FC Course
  3. MM Course

Appendant Bodies Course

  1. York Rite
  2. Scottish Rite
  3. Shrine & Grotto
  4. Other Groups
  5. Youth & Ladies' Groups

Major Studies Courses

Major Studies:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Finance & Investments
  • Liaison & Communications
  • Masonic Trust & Trust Laws
  • Maintenance & Engineering
  • Fundraising & Philanthropy
  • History & Masonic Studies
  • Esoterism / Philosophy
  • VMU's Train-the-Trainer

Academic & Research Lodges

While an Academic Lodge is a Masonic Lodge which has developed an academic partnership with a nearby University, a Research Lodge is a Masonic Lodge which focuses strictly on scholarly pursuits in order to develop Masonic research papers that may be presented for publication.  

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Masonic Courses

Our mission is to provide highest quality in materials, the best accessible training available and the most informed instructor support in every educational program which we provide to our Masonic alumni.



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