Welcome to the Richmond Valley of the Scottish Rite

Stated Meeting: Every Fourth Monday
6:00 PM, Dinner & Program @ 7:00 PM
Temple Dark July & December

About Us

The Scottish Rite

The Scottish Rite is one of the two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed after he has completed the three…

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The Richmond Valley

The bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Valley of Richmond, Orient of Virginia, acknowledge and yield allegiance to the Supreme Council

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Scottish Rite Groups in the Richmond Valley

Friends of the Richmond Valley abound, all with the mission of promoting comradery and charity. Primarily, they promote the Childhood Language Center

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Richmond Officers

Richmond Officers of the Four Scottish Rite Bodies There are four coordinate bodies within the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction.  The Lodge of Perfection, 4°-14°;…

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Temple Officers

View Page Officers of the Richmond Scottish Rite Temple Personal Representative Assistant Personal Representative Secretary Treasurer Almoner Prelate Director General of Work Sentinel Webmaster…

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Living Honour Men

Knight Commander Court of Honor – 32° KCCH 1973Philip R. Johnson  1975Marshall G. Folkes, Jr.  ​1991Billy B. McLaughlin ​1993Emmett B. Alcock ​2001John S. BookerCharles…

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