1. What do I do if I suspect my child has a speech or hearing problem?

Contact a licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist to schedule an evaluation.

Here at the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center, our speech therapists and audiologist have either a master or doctoral degree within their area of expertise, ASHA certification, and a current license in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

2. Will my insurance pay for an evaluation or therapy services?

Payments by your insurance provider are driven by your coverage.  For that reason, it is recommended that you contact your insurance carrier.

3. What if my insurance carrier will not authorize treatment, or if I do not have insurance?

The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center in Richmond, Virginia offers services to children with fees based on their family’s ability to pay. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance, please call us at 804-266-6699 or click here for more information.

4. Do I need to get a doctor’s order?

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Yes, every child treated at the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center is required to have a doctor’s order documenting the medical necessity for the evaluation,which is not the same thing as a referral. A doctor’s order is required for all patients, regardless of method of payment for service.

5. How long does a speech or hearing evaluation last?

Speech and hearing evaluations generally take 1-2 hours; auditory processing disorder evaluations often require multiple sessions of 3 or more hours in the morning.

6. What are the next steps after the evaluation?

We will provide you with an evaluation report discussing your child’s strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations.

7. How often will my child attend speech therapy, if it is needed?

Children are typically scheduled for therapy one to two times a week for thirty minutes to an hour, depending on their needs and therapy availability.

8. How long will my child need to attend therapy?

The amount of time a child attends speech therapy is dependent on many factors. These include the disorder being treated, the severity of the problem, cognitive functioning, motivation, and parental involvement, among others. The speech therapist will develop specific goals based on your child’s needs.

Speech therapy is an effective way to improve your child’s communication skills.