Speech/Language Services

All Speech/Language services are provided by our licensed and nationally certified Speech/Language Pathologists.
A Doctor’s Order is required for all evaluations and therapy.

Speech/Language Consultations
Consultations are scheduled for children who have already been diagnosed with a communication disorder and are in need of speech/language therapy services. Consultations provide parents with helpful resources and strategies they can use at home to facilitate better communication and also assist the SRCLC staff in determining the level of treatment needed.

Speech/Language Screenings
Speech/Language Screenings provide a brief snapshot of a child’s basic communication skills in the areas of articulation, language, voice, stuttering and hearing. Screenings cannot diagnose communication disorders, but can identify potential areas of weakness. Screenings are very helpful when parents want to discuss concerns with a speech/language pathologist but don’t know if a full evaluation is necessary.

Speech/Language Evaluations
Standardized testing instruments, language samples and parent reports are used to assess a child’s current level of communication. Evaluations typically take two hours to administer. Impressions are shared upon the completion of the testing, with a comprehensive written report to follow.

Fluency (Stuttering) Evaluations
Fluency evaluations are conducted by two of our speech/language pathologists who specialize in fluency disorders. During the course of the evaluation, parents provide valuable insights into the child and stuttering in the context of family life. The child’s communication with a family member as well as a therapist is recorded and later analyzed. In addition to noting the frequency and types of speech disfluencies, consideration is given to the way the child reacts to and copes with the speech difficulties. Other assessments (e.g., speech rate, articulation, language skills) are completed for a full perspective of your child’s communication skills. The therapists work collaboratively to analyze the information, determine the extent of the fluency disorder and develop specific recommendations for follow-up. A comprehensive written report and an additional appointment, to discuss results and provide recommendations, are included as a part of the evaluation.

Speech/Language Therapy
Speech/Language Therapy is generally scheduled one to two times per week for thirty minutes to an hour. A plan of care is established for each child, with both short and long-term goals. Parents are encouraged to watch and/or participate each therapy session in our observation room.

Summer Camps
Summer months are fun at the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center! Our special camps target same age children with specific communication needs. These children not only strengthen their areas of weakness while in camp, but also get to meet other children experiencing the same challenges.

For camp information, please call the center at (804) 267-6699.

Audiology Services

All Audiology services are provided by our licensed and nationally certified Audiologist.

Hearing Screenings
The purpose of a hearing screening is to discover potential hearing problems in a timely manner to minimize negative communicative, academic or medical consequences. The screenings involve pure tone testing, tympanometry, and otoscopic inspection. Screenings also are performed to monitor temporary hearing loss as a result of ear infections/middle ear fluid to determine if additional medical attention is required.

Hearing Evaluations
Comprehensive evaluations are scheduled to determine the presence of a hearing loss, the type of hearing loss (a sound conduction problem or sensorineural problem,) the degree and configuration (one or both ears) of hearing loss and the best treatment options. A doctor’s order is required for all hearing evaluations.

Test of Variables of Attention Testing (T.O.V.A)
The Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.) is a computerized continuous performance test of attention that assists in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring of attention disorders, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The T.O.V.A. is an objective, neurophysiological measure of attention, not a subjective rating of behavior. It is a 21.6 minute long, very simple “computer game” that measures a child’s response to either visual or auditory stimuli. These measurements are then compared to the measurements of same age children without attention disorders who took the T.O.V.A. The information gained from the T.O.V.A. helps physicians and psychologists diagnose attention disorders. It is also helpful to determine the effectiveness of attention medications and their dosage.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder Testing
CAPD Evaluations require children to attend to a variety of signals and to respond to them via repetition, pushing a button, or in some other way. Other tests that measure the auditory system’s objective responses to sound are also administered. Children must be 6 years of age to undergo CAPD testing. There are many types of auditory processing deficits and, because each child is an individual, CAPD manifests itself in a variety of ways. The evaluation determines the type of auditory deficit a child exhibits so that individualized management and treatment can take place. Home and school activities are recommended that address the specific areas of difficulty and a full written report is provided. A doctor’s order is required for all CAPD evaluations.

Community Outreach Services

Our Outreach Services are provided for free or at reduced fees to schools and organizations in the Greater Richmond area. If you are interested in scheduling any of these services, please call 266-6699.

Preschool Screening Program
Preschool, daycare or Head Start Programs in the Greater Richmond area may schedule screenings at any time during the year. Through this program, children ages 3-5 are screened for articulation, language, voice, stuttering and hearing loss on-site at their school. The goal is to identify children with hearing and speech problems before they reach Kindergarten, minimizing the impact on communication and academics. The fee for these screenings is based on the demographics of the school/family population. In some cases, they can be provided for free.

Language and Literacy Stimulation Program
This program is offered to at-risk preschool programs. The children are screened at the beginning and end of the school year for speech, language, voice, stuttering, hearing loss and pre-reading skills. Post screenings monitor program effectiveness. Certified Speech/Language Pathologists conduct the program throughout the school year on a weekly basis. Significant gains in language and literacy development have been consistently noted. A limited number of schools may participate in the program each year. If you would like your school to be considered, please contact the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center.

Read with Me! Interactive Workshop
Read with Me! Interactive Workshop is a fun and stress-free program offered to teachers and caregivers at conferences, in-services and meetings. It is conducted by two licensed and nationally certified speech/language pathologists. This program teaches six interactive strategies for developing pre-literacy skills in young children while promoting a love of reading.

Communication Disorder Presentations
Presentations are offered to schools and groups that wish to educate their staff about communication disorders, how to identify them and when to refer children to a Speech/Language Pathologist or Audiologist.