Dear Robin,

I am renewing my support for the Scottish Rite Childhood Learning Center. I was introduced to your organization by your former president, Judge James B. Wilkinson. He was enthusiastic for your work, and I discovered it was well founded. There have been functions I attended and listened to children speak in appreciation as they neared the completion of their treatments. It is inspiring to hear and I only wish everyone could witness such testimonials.

The Children fortunate enough to receive your care stand a much greater chance to enjoy life’s experiences and become productive citizens.

As a majority of your cases receive scholarships, this increase your dependence on fund raising, and I want you to know you can count on my support this year, and also in the future.

Joseph A. Towler
Towler Drug Company, Inc.
Center Home Medical

To Whom it my concern:

Southside Child Development Center (SCDC) is honored to write a letter of support for the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center. It is because of programs such as this one that those of us who serve persons in need with little to no disposable income can help identify and provide early care for young learners who may have a speech language and/or hearing problems. We all know that early detection and treatment for these problems mean that our children are able to enter kindergarten more ready to learn and communicate their needs thus impacting the community more positively.

Because of services offered by The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center SCDC is able to continue meeting our mission and motto of being “A Place with Great Expectations” for children and families that we serve.

Shelia A. Pleasants
Executive Director
Southside Child Development Center

Dear Ms. Oliver:

This year we were fortunate to have our four and five year old students included as part of your program.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our children to gain much needed early literacy skills. They finished this experience definitely on the road to gaining the skill necessary for reading and prepared for their upcoming kindergarten year.

Their experience with Gin Dwyer-Urban each week was one they looked forward to. The curriculum Gina used had been carried over into the daily classroom work to expand each child’s opportunity for growth.

Our program offers opportunities for families who might not otherwise be able to afford a traditional preschool experience or were unable to enroll in Headstart. Partnering with RiteCare made their experience even more beneficial.

We look forward to another positive year with you.

Linda C. Willis
Grace Covenant Community School

Dear. Mrs. Oliver:

First community Bank is proud to be a continuing sponsor of the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center. We are very appreciative of the work the Center does for the community. The services for children with speech, language and hearing impairments are invaluable. These services are provided with fee based on a family’s ability to pay. Our bank and its predecessor banks have been supporting your fine facility for many years. You provide a much needed service for this community.

Thank you for your continuing help to those in need.

Marshall E. McCall
City Executive
First Community Bank